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Friday, September 21, 2018

Facebook Messenger vs Android Messages: Which One Should You Choose

trickdump Facebook Messenger vs Android Messages: Which One Should You Choose

Android Messages and Facebook Messenger target the same audience differently. While Messages is trying hard to keep up with the likes of Messenger and other messaging apps available on the Play Store, it still has a lot of catching up to do.
Android Messages has been subjected to criticism from users and competition alike for a while now. Add to the fact that most Android phones come with multiple messaging apps only fuels the problem. There is the default Messages app along with the one bundled by the manufacturer.
Finally, Google has taken note and is looking to solve this problem. Android Messages received a much needed major update some time ago with a slew of smaller updates. Google is also working hard to implement RCS (Rich Communication Services), and has partnered with many manufacturers, like Samsung, and carriers for the same.

While RCS is still a work in progress, Android Messages has come a long way. Let’s see how it fares against Facebook Messenger which boasts of over 1 billion active monthly users.

Messages is tied to the Android platform and will work on any smartphone that runs on a version of Android OS. That is not the case with Messenger. Messenger is deeply integrated into Facebook and not tied to any mobile OS.

You can install Messenger on Android, iOS, and Windows (mobile and Windows 10) platforms. This gives you more freedom to chat with friends who are iPhone users without having to worry about anything.

Both the apps work on all popular browsers. In fact, Messenger has a dedicated site aside from working inside Facebook. Messages recently launched its web version which is similar to how WhatsApp Web works. Scan a QR code, and everything gets synced

Not sure which one should you use? Android Messages doesn’t need an active internet connection to work. It is dependent on your cellular network connection.

It means Messages will also work on any smartphone or feature phone, which is definitely nice.

Facebook-owned Messenger needs an active internet connection to work. This means no carrier charges, and it is practically free as long as you are connected via mobile data or a Wi-Fi network.

While Messenger will only work on smartphones, select feature phones come with built-in support for Messenger and WhatsApp.

Wondering about how Messages for Web works? It still uses your smartphone to send and receive SMS. The web version is just an interface, a window to access what lies on your phone.

If you have a high-end or a premium smartphone then app size is not going to bother you. The storage in these phones begin at 32GB and go on up to 256GB these days. If you have a low-end smartphone with limited storage (8GB or 16GB), app size is something that you should consider.

Android Messages sits at 66MB which is neither very high nor very low. Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, will cost you 44MB of storage and can go higher depending on the smartphone you own. Also, since Messenger is connected with Facebook, it also stores other data on your phone. On my Redmi Note 5 Pro, it is currently uses 235MB of which 111MB is the original app size. So you get the idea.

Perhaps this is why Facebook released a lite version of Messenger which takes less than 10MB of space on your phone. We already pitted Messenger against Messenger Lite to let you know which one you should choose.

Both the apps are absolutely free on every platform. Remember that any message you send using Messages will cost you. This depends on your carrier and the messaging plan you opted for.

Messages is tied to your cell phone number. This means there is no need to register for an account. Just launch the app and start using it. You cannot install and run two instances of Messages even if you have two SIM cards on the same phone. However, Messages from different numbers will be marked accordingly.

Messenger doesn’t need a cell phone number for it to work. That said, Facebook does ask users to verify their account using a mobile number. That's still not mandatory. You can create more than one Facebook account but not with the same identity.

Messenger offers a powerful API which allows app developers to integrate their services in the Facebook ecosystem. Depending on the country you live in, you can even send or request money from your contacts.

Now you understand why Messenger is taking so much more space on your smartphone. You are using a bunch of apps and services inside a single app.

On the other hand, Messages doesn't allow integrating any third-party app yet. However, any Android app can demand permissions to view your messages. That's rather odd, isn't it?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Indian Government Will Ban WhatsApp In Country, If The App Doesn't Find A Way To Trace Hoaxes

Since early August, WhatsApp has been at odds with the Indian government over the issue of fake news and hoaxes on the platform.

whatsapp facebook trickdump

Since then, the issue has been compounded by demands on behalf of the government, which WhatsApp can’t acquiesce.

Aside from other measures, in order to combat violence sparked by incendiary WhatsApps, the government had asked the company to allow the origins of messages on the platform to be tracked. Quite obviously WhatsApp refused, saying it would violate its privacy protocol. And even if the app maker was willing to compromise its end-to-end encryption, changing it would have adverse effects on the security of the entire system.The Indian government isn’t pleased at being denied. The Ministry of Electronics and IT says it plans to send another official letter to WhatsApp, its third since July, reminding the Facebook-owned company it needs to meet requirements or risk being banned from the country. One of these requirements, it says, is to work out a technical solution to allow law enforcement to track the origin of WhatsApps.

WhatsApp has put other preventive measures into place in the meantime, including limiting forwards to five groups at a time in stead of the earlier 250. It’s also visibly marking forwarded messages so it’s easier for recipients to spot, and has even started a radio  public awareness campaign against fake news.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Men With These 5 Personality Traits Know Exactly How To Make Women Fall In Love

For most of us, finding someone with whom we can fall in love, make a life and live happily ever after is a major life goal.
And while it seems like knowing how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend to fall madly in love with should be easy, it’s just not.
Women often meet guys who seems to embody everything on their list of "must haves" in a man. These men might be funny, smart, independent, and attractive, so we take a risk, thinking this might finally be "the one."

The trouble is that those personality traits we put on our list aren't always the same ones that are truly essential to look for in a man.
At least, not if you're hoping to find true love in a healthy, long-lasting relationship.
They may be important, but they aren’t the most important traits possessed by the kind of man a woman can safely fall deeply in love with if she wants to live happily ever after.

So, let’s try doing it differently.
If you want to find true love in a healthy, lasting relationship, look for men with these 5 dominant personality traits — the kind of guys who know how to get a girlfriend and keep her safe forever.

1. Inquisitive
There's not much that's worse than a guy who thinks he already knows everything — who believes he has nothing left to learn about what makes relationships work and how people need to behave, and therefore isn’t willing to consider doing anything differently.
We all come into relationships with a certain amount of baggage.
We've been hurts in past relationships, disappointed by unmet expectations, frustrated by how hard it all is and by our initially unrealistic expectations.
All of these things make new relationships difficult, but learning from and addressing them can be exactly what is needed for the right relationship to flourish.
Men who know how to get the girl are eager to learn from their past mistakes and do things differently the next time around.

They don’t hold things that went wrong in their past relationships over the next woman's head, assuming that those things will happen in this relationship as well.
Look for a guy who is willing to take a fresh look at a relationship with you, and who's willing to listen to your ideas about what might work as well.
A guy who is willing to consider doing thing differently is a guy who is going to make a woman fall in love with him.
2. Considerate
Men women fall madly in love with are those who are interested in putting others first.
These are the men who are willing to miss a big football game for mom's birthday dinner, who hold the door open for someone even when doing so means that person will then be ahead of them in that really long line. and who are willing to bend their schedule in order to spend time with a girlfriend or wife when she's in need of support.
Many men put themselves first, either out of habit or necessity. Perhaps they are protecting themselves. Perhaps their mother and father modeled that for them. Or perhaps they are just clueless.
But what good is a man with even the most wicked sense of humor if he doesn’t put others first at least some of the time?
Do you really want to play second fiddle for the rest of your life?
I don't think so.

3. Flexible

Life is messy, and a key personality trait in a guy women fall in love with is flexibility.
Every day, even the best laid plans are dashed by life. And when plans are dashed, everyone needs to work together to set things back in motion again.
I know one woman who owns her own business and has a crazy busy schedule that often changes on a dime. As a result, she often has to change plans with her guy. Rather than get upset that she can’t see him or taking it personally when she has to shift things, her guy rolls with it. He knows exactly what is happening and why, and he's happy to accept it as part of being with her.
In return, she makes every effort to communicate changes to him as soon as she knows of them, and she makes sure Friday night and Saturday mornings are set in stone as time for the two of them to be together.
They are both flexible, and that makes their relationship work.
Yes, he is good looking, and when they first met she was immediately attracted to him, but his flexibility is a major factor in the reasons she fell in love with him.

4. Self-respecting

There's nothing more attractive to most women than a man with self-respect, who takes care of himself and his space and the people around him.
I once went on a date with a guy I'd been getting to know over email for just over a week. I really, really liked him and was looking forward to our first date. We were getting together for coffee, and I dressed casually but carefully in anticipation of our meeting.
He showed up in sweats, with stains on his shirt and holes in the knees. His hair was a mess and he looked like he had just rolled out of bed.
It was not a good first impression.

Personally, I feel like a guy who doesn't take care of himself isn't going to take care of me. And I was right. The more I got to know him, the more I saw that he was pretty careless in all of his life overall.
Men who possess self-respect show women they will be treated with respect as well.

5. Self-aware

These are the guys who know exactly who they are.
Let's say you meet the guy of your dreams. He's smart, funny, educated, employed and cute. But then you realize he isn't aware that he's all of these things, and he has a chip on his shoulder because of it.
Another woman I know was still madly in love with a man she knew from college over a decade later when they reconnected on Facebook. After months of talking online and through texts, they finally got together.
He was still smart, gorgeous and good at making her laugh.
And that was enough ... until it wasn’t.
This guy couldn't see that he was all these wonderful things. He'd encountered many failures in his life, and it had made him incredibly insecure in who he is in the world, why he's here and what he's worth. He lost himself, and he struggled with these issues daily.
His insecurity ultimately destroyed their relationship. He couldn’t allow himself to believe she loved him, and he couldn’t commit to her because he didn’t think he deserved to be with her in the first place.
While he met all the criteria on her "list", his lack of self-awareness meant their relationship was doomed.
Love is an important and noble goal, and trying to find it can be frustrating.
I am here to suggest that if we keep failing at a goal, we need to approach it differently.
So, make a list of characteristics you want your dream man to possess, but try to include more than a wicked sense of humor and bright blue eyes.
Think about the personality traits that are most important to you, and make sure to add them to that list.
If you do things differently this time, you'll be glad you did! I promise.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Famous media player Winamp new version with Windows 10 support leaks online

Remember Winamp? The popular media player for Windows is expected to make a comeback at some point. Winamp was launched by independent developers back in 1997 and it grew quickly popular with over 3 million downloads in a short span of time.

In a couple of years, Winamp became one of the most downloaded Windows applications. The app was sold to AOL in 1999 for $80 million but it later acquired by Radionomy in 2014. Radionomy, the current developers of famous Winamp promised that the app will receive a new update with several new features.

trickdump windows 10 winamp download

A while ago, the developers published release notes of an update but no downloadable package was available for users to try out. Winamp developers promised major updates ever since it took over the company and we are still waiting for that day.

It’s an old and outdated app but it’s still being used by millions of users. A new version of Winamp, which was last developed on October 26, 2016, has leaked online. Winamp 5.8 has been published by an unknown source and it’s not from the official developers.

It’s also worth noting that VirusTotal scan generates two different warnings for the app, so we are not including the link to unreleased Winamp update in this article.

Winamp works fine on Windows 10

The Winamp 5.8 comes with several new features and improvements including support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

It is, however, worth noting that public and stable version of the app works smoothly on Windows 10, but Winamp 5.8 is supposed to address compatibility issues with Windows 10.

As noted above, this release of Winamp comes with several other improvements. For example, there’s a dedicated setting that lets you disable Winamp’s video support and the company has also fixed some bugs to improve the overall performance of the player.

The current owner hasn’t officially announced any updates for the app but as the beta has just leaked out, there’s a chance that an official statement will be released soon. It’s also possible that the developers are internally testing a new and improved version of the app with better support for Windows 10.

At this point, it’s not yet known whether a new Winamp release is planned or not. We are waiting for additional details from the developers and we will update this article if and when a statement is available.

Google can remotely change your device’s Settings, and it did for some users

A number of Android users discovered that their phones had battery saver mode automatically turned on, even though their devices had sufficient battery life.

Does Google have a kill switch to remotely make changes in your devices without you ever knowing? In what may trigger another round of privacy debate, a number of Android on Friday reported “Battery Saver” mode getting automatically enabled. Some users thought they inadvertently activated the mode, but later it was found that Google was responsible for the change.

google android technology trickdump

According to a report in Android Police, a ‘substantial number’ of Pixel phone users discovered their phones had automatically battery saver mode on despite the sufficient battery charge. The website added that a lot of Android users with the latest version of Google’s OS, Android Pie, faced this problem.

“Judging by the number of tips and comments we’re seeing, this is a very widespread issue. You should be able to turn battery saver off and change the 99% activation threshold, but it’s still bizarre Google can even make settings changes like this,” the website noted.

Google later acknowledged that they had made the changes. The company said it was an internal experiment that was mistakenly rolled out publicly.

“Hi all, some of you may have noticed that battery saver turned on automatically today. This was an internal experiment to test battery saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended. We have now rolled battery saver settings back to default. Please configure to your liking. Sorry for the confusion,” Google said in a Reddit post.

It’s not uncommon to have bugs or unfinished features to be part of a software update or patch, but what is surprising and creepy that Google made the changes in device Settings remotely, and without users ever knowing.

The Verge in its report points out that both Google and Apple do have some mechanism to force changes in users’ devices (software-level). But that’s used as a last resort and mainly aimed at users’ security and safety.

The report also highlights late Steve Jobs’ response on the use of a kill switch. While admitting that Apple does have such tools, he told the Wall Street Journal, “Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull.” 

Monday, September 17, 2018

WhatsApp May Introduce Dark Mode, ‘Swipe to Reply’ Features Soon

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, may soon introduce Dark Mode and ‘Swipe To Reply’ features to its users.

Dark Mode, which is basically a high-contrast version of the app that makes it more reader-friendly in the dark, is already available on apps like Twitter. The feature will be introduced to both Android and iOS users of WhatsApp.

‘Swipe To Reply’, on the other hand, is already a feature in the iOS version. WhatsApp is currently working on making the feature available for Android users as well.

WhatsApp has been proactively looking to add new features that can help the Facebook-owned platform continue to be one of leading apps in its segment.

WhatsApp has also submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme. This brings the beta version up to 2.18.282. Select users can sign up for the WhatsApp Beta program that will let them access the new features still unavailable to the public.

The Swipe-to-Reply feature is likely to gain prominence, with phones now mostly devoid of the Home button, instead relying on gestures for basic navigation. Why it has been available on iPhone and not on Android yet, only WhatsApp can comment on, but we’re glad that it is finally coming to over 250 million active WhatsApp users in India.

WhatsApp messaging app rolling out to JioPhone users this month.
WhatsApp messaging app rolling out to

It’s not clear yet when these features will be available on the app. Another factor to look out for would be to see if these features will comply with the 18:9 and 19:9 screens of the latest Android models.

WhatsApp has also finally made its debut on Reliance’s JioPhone. The app can be downloaded from the JioStore and used with all its regular features, except payment.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Here's How Many People Have Seen That "Private" Sext You Sent

Whether it's a subtle(ish) eggplant-peach emoji or straight-up full-frontal nudie shot, you've probably sent a sexy digital something to a love interest. But have you ever considered how many other people have seen those sexts? Just the guy you sent it to, right? Try at least three. That's the average number of people who see any given sext, according to a new study published in Sexual Health. And it's not just men showing off for their friends, us ladies are just as guilty.

sexting trickdump
Indiana State researchers surveyed 5,805 single adults from 21 to 75-years-old about their sexting habits. Nearly a quarter of those people had sent sexts and almost a third had received them. And those numbers might be low, considering that a previous study found that over half of American adults send erotic texts, with even higher numbers among younger people. But even though sexting is super common, nearly everyone said they'd feel uncomfortable if their sexts were shared with anyone other than the person they sent them to, citing serious concerns about the impact on their social lives, careers, and mental health.

Yet one in four recipients did exactly that. And they weren't just giving their best friend a quick peek at their screen. They confessed to forwarding the text to an average of three other people. If you logically extend this conclusion and assume that those three people are also likely sharing your sexy pics, it's easy to see how fast your privates become not so private.

There's not a whole lot you can do to prevent this, according to the researchers, but we suggest sticking to words over pics until you really get to know and trust each other.

Sex Positions That Double as Exercise

No matter how much your partner pleads, you can't substitute time in the sack for time on the treadmill. However, certain sex positions do work a woman's muscle groups — some so much, in fact, that you might not be able to make it to the gym the next day.



In a way, the missionary position is the physical equivalent of the old "I'm busy washing my hair" excuse — it's the brush-off used when you're lazy, tired, or just not that interested. But despite being one of the most passive contortions for a woman, man-on-top can still provide a pretty good workout.

"It depends on how enthusiastic you are about it, but missionary can be great for the core muscles," says Stacy Berman, a New York City-based certified fitness trainer and founder of Stacy's Boot Camp. "If your partner is thrusting toward you, you want to have an equal and opposite thrust back, and that requires a lot of core strength. It actually will start burning."

Patti Britton, author of The Art of Sex Coaching and immediate past president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, agrees that you'll definitely be feeling it in your abs. "You can strengthen your core by focusing on pelvic lifting using your core, not your lower back. That's where women tend to get stuck — they tend to rely on their lower back to give them propulsion." (The risk of which isn't a joke, either. Worst-case scenario, you could throw out your back or sustain some other injury — not exactly a bedroom turn-on.)

Missionary position can also provide a good butt workout. "The more she does buttock squeezes, the more she could accentuate her riding toward him to give herself a good glute workout," Britton says.



Like with the missionary position, penetration-from-behind sex engages the woman's core because she has to stabilize herself on all fours, says Berman. You'll also be working your quadriceps and glutes to help brace yourself against the impact.

However, you can use a modified position to get a good arm workout, too. Rather than having your hands flat on the bed, "if the woman has her hands on a wall in front of her and sort of uses her upper body to help thrust, that would be a good shoulder and upper body workout," Berman says.

Cowgirl Position

With a standard cowgirl position, the lower part of the woman's legs are braced on the bed or floor, which will engage her butt and core.

"Much like riding a horse, she's going to flex her lower abs and pelvic muscles," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, a certified sex educator and author of Touch Me There! "Pressing into the man's abs and sides with her quads or calves can engage those muscles as well."

Modifying the cowgirl position can work additional muscle groups. "To make it even more intense, she can come up onto her feet, almost like a squat over him. That's all butt, legs, and hips," says Berman. "If she gets up onto her feet and leans onto her hands, she'll also have to use her upper body to balance."

standing-sex-positionLotus Sex Position

Like the missionary position, the lotus sitting position is one of the more passive sex positions. However, many of the same muscles worked in the cowgirl position are going to be used in this contortion: the core is engaged to stabilize the body, and the glutes are worked during thrusting

standing-sex-positionStanding Sex Position

Standing is one of the more challenging positions because often the woman has to allow her partner to lift her in some way, says Britton.

If the man and woman are facing each other, core and upper-leg strength comes into play: if she's standing on one leg, those leg muscles are worked to keep her upright, and core muscles are engaged to keep her balanced. If she's wrapping both legs around her partner, she'll need good arm strength to hold onto her partner. And regardless which one of these contortions she's in, "she has to have stamina if she's standing," says Britton.

If the man and woman are facing the same direction, the same muscles engaged in doggy-style are used: she'll work her core for balance, and her arms can be worked if she's bracing herself against a wall or headboard and using them to help thrust.

Scissors Sex Position

According to Britton, the scissors position is the least strenuous of all — there's no suspending of body weight, and it generally makes for gentler and slower penetration (which would explain why it's often recommended for pregnant women). "Scissors is for when you're tired, not for being an acrobat in bed," she says. Still, that's not to say you won't still be engaging muscle groups.

With your legs intercrossed with your partner's, there's limited movement for both the man and women, so a lot of inner-thigh strength and core stabilization will be at work. "When you squeeze your inner thighs, the core will naturally contract as well," Berman explains.

Bridge Sex Position

With the bridge, the woman is facing upward, using all four limbs to hold her body weight off the bed. All our sex experts agree: this pose is not for the weak. Or, as Britton puts it: "Oh, God, she better be yoga-ing five days a week or training as a gymnast."

"This is a highly advanced position," Britton says. "She needs to stabilize herself so as he's thrusting in and out, she doesn't crash."

Even if you pile a tower of pillows under your back to help support your weight (which Britton recommends), you'll still definitely be working your buttocks and inner-thigh muscles, says Fulbright. "This is going to work all of it — her biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, quads, calves. Unless she's really strong, she shouldn't expect to hold this position for long."

Adds Berman, "If you're going from cowgirl to this position, your butt will start burning after five minutes."

Google Releases Chrome 70 Beta With Support for Fingerprint Sensors for Web Authentication

Google has released the latest beta version of Chrome 70 with touch-sensitive web authentication for Android and Mac devices, adding an extra layer of security to the browser.

"Mac's Touch ID and Android's fingerprint sensor would allow developers to access biometric authenticators," Google wrote in a blog post this week.

The Chrome 70 beta version comes with the shape detection feature that would enable the device's shape detection capabilities to be available on the web, letting users identify faces, images and texts.
chrome with biometric support

"The shape detection application programming interface (API) consists of face detection, barcode detection and text detection APIs," the post added.

In addition, Chrome 70 also brings support for web Bluetooth on Windows 10 that would enable Chrome to communicate with other near Bluetooth devices.

Other features for the beta version includes an automatic full-screen exit when dialog boxes for authentication prompts, payments, or file pickers pop up for users to have a better context for decisions when filling the prompts out and intervention reports - to notify the user to honour an application request for security, performance or annoyance reasons.

The beta version of the web browser has been made available for Android, Chrome operating system (OS), Linux, macOS and Windows.

WhatsApp is bringing new feature to Android phones which may change the way you chat

The feature was already available for iOS users and will soon be introduced for Android users.

whatsapp latest news

In what has been a busy year for Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp, the company has introduced a number of new features to better its users’ experience. Now, if the reports are to be believed, a new WhatsApp feature will soon change the way users chat. The messaging platform is working on ‘Swipe to Reply feature’ which will enable the user to reply quickly by swapping on the message he intends to reply. The feature was already available for iOS users and will soon be introduced for Android users.

As of now, the feature is not available due to “development reasons” and will soon be rolled out or all Android WhatsApp users. As per a report on, the new WhatsApp feature will automatically load the message in the reply context if you swipe right.

Recently, WhatsApp added had another new feature to its group chats through which it created a distinction between the group admins and group members when it comes to participation in the conversation. The new feature enabled admins to decide which members can send a message to the group. This meant that admins will also be able to decide which members in a WhatsApp group can just observe the conversation.

Earlier this year, the company had also rolled out a ‘Mark as Read’ feature which allows users to mark a message from the notification panel itself. Also, it released a feature that allows the users to mute a chat from the notification centre.