Outlook.com - Free Email Service with practical unlimited storage

Outlook.com serves free email with practically unlimited storage accessible on the web with a rich and helpful interface or using POP and Exchange ActiveSync in email programs on desktop and mobile device. Unfortunately, IMAP access is not part of the mix, and Outlook.com could offer more help with composing in addition to organizing mail
What is in outlookOutlook.com offers a rich and functional email experience on the web (and desktop or mobile access using POP and Exchange ActiveSync)
Flexible categories help organize mail, filters clean it up
You can set up POP email accounts for sending and receiving in Outlook.com
What is not in outlookOutlook.com lacks IMAP access
You cannot set up blocks of text or message templates for re-use in Outlook.com
Outlook.com does not include saved searches
• Outlook.com is a free email service with practically unlimited online storage.
• POP access is available in most email programs; Exchange ActiveSync offers richer access to mail and folders in Outlook, Windows Live Mail and many a mobile email program.
• You can have Outlook.com forward all incoming mail to another email address.
• Support for rich text editing, drag-and-drop and keyboard shortcuts aplenty makes Outlook.com on the web an experience resembling that with a desktop email program.
• Integrating with SkyDrive, Outlook.com lets you send files up to 300 MB in size and share photos via SkyDrive albums (right from the email you compose).
• In addition to filing messages in folders and flagging them, you can apply free-form categories for organization. Outlook.com also comes with a number of categories (including "Newsletters", "Social updates" and "Family") already set up and automatically applied to matching emails.
• "Quick views" offer fast access to certain emails including those containing images or documents, flagged mail and shipment updates; "Quick views" are available for categories as well.
• A simple search field finds relevant emails fast in Outlook.com while various search parameters (including sender, recipient, subject, folder and date) let you narrow results more precisely.
• Outlook.com includes a spam filter whose actions you can correct (and improve for the future) easily. Virus and phishing emails are detected as well.
• Other filters file, delete, flag and forward mail; special rules can help you maintain a cleaner inbox by acting on messages by age, for example, or number (say, of newsletter issues).
• You can set up alternate email addresses for sending (including up to 15 aliases for your Outlook.com address). Outlook.com collects mail from your other POP email accounts if you wish.
• Integration with SkyDrive allows you to send files easily up to 25 MB each and 10 GB per message in total.
• Outlook.com can answer emails on your behalf using out-of-office auto-replies.
• Connecting with Facebook lets you chat with friends from both Facebook and Windows Live right in Outlook.com. Outlook.com can keep a record of these instant messaging conversations.
• Outlook.com also can pick up updates, Tweets, pictures and full names from services including Facebook, Twitter and  LinkedIn.