Problem With Multiple Open Browser Tabs

If you are one of those who simply love doing browsing and like to check / search different articles, interesting stuff on Internet, then most of you would be opening Multiple Tabs on your browser for that purpose. Tabs are a fantastic and a must have feature of any web browser and of course I just can't imagine how we were using Internet without it before. But the REAL problem begins when you open every second Internet link in the browser Tab and don't close the previous ones.

Not only that, many of us gets confused when we open multiple Tabs and think what to do with them, because :

1. It's hard to identify from so many open Tabs, which website / web page is in which Tab.

2. You hesitate to close any open Tab because, you don't want to lose the information by closing the Tab and even don't want to bookmark it because of any reason.

3. Most of the time it happens that you are searching for something and you found something else. Now you open multiple Tabs, each containing different information and the end result is TOTAL CONFUSION. 

4. Often you just leave Tabs open in the Browser to Read them later anytime and Guess what, It remains open for the rest of the time till your computer is ON and finally you just have to close the browser without even looking at the Open Tabs.

What Problems It Can Cause

The problem is that each open Tab in any Web Browser consumes some amount of your PC's RAM. Means, the more the Tabs open, you will feel more PC Slowness, Lagging, Hanging and Browser Crashing issues. Especially when you leave multiple Tabs open for a long time in your Browser, then you will face more of these PC problems. As time goes by, it will make almost impossible for you to work on it and you are then forced to Restart your computer.

How To Resolve This Problem

It's OK to open multiple Tabs in the browser, because it helps you to do your research properly and often it reminds you of something that you have to do later. But the problem begins when you don't do anything with those open Tabs and let them sit in your browser for a long time just for nothing. I will recommend not to open more than 9 Tabs in any browser.

Why 9?

1. As you can see in the above pic, I have opened 9 Tabs in a browser. I can easily identify which website is open in which Tab, which can help me to work on my things quickly and I can then close those Tabs which are not needed afterwards. 

2. Though it depends how good is your PC's hardware (Processor speed, RAM and Cache), how healthy it's (Virus free, softwares installed in it, etc.) and which web browser you are using, according to my experience, opening 9 Tabs at a time will not harm you. But still it depends how you browse the Internet and how long you let the Tabs remain open.

3. Though it's silly to mention, but still since you have 9 numeric keys on your Keyboard, it's easy to switch between your 9 browser Tab using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Other Recommended Solutions

If you still need to open more than 9 Tabs because it's the way you work and cannot compromise this habit, then I recommend to use browser extensions / add-ons. There are many browser extensions / add-on which can organize your open tabs intelligently or can snooze your open Tabs temporarily so that they won't suck your PC's RAM. (I will explain about those extension in the future article)

Another solution is to use web services like PocketEvernote etc. which can help you to mark any website / web page as Read It Later. You can then anytime, anywhere re-open those pages and read the info at your convenience. 


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