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Top 4 html 5 editors
HTML5 is the new face of the World Wide Web. It has quickly become an important constituent of many web browsers and people that are still unaware of its potential are being left behind. Not only has HTML5 changed the way websites are written nowadays it has also provided web designers and developers that chance to work with a common set of standards resulting in better understanding in between them. The following is a list of the best HTML5 Text editors that are available in the market at the present moment.

Aloha is a browser based rich textHTML5 text editor that provides a developer all the usual text-editing features that are provided by MS-word. Being a browser based HTML5 text editor, Aloha cannot be used while being offline. A developer has to be online if he wants to use this HTML5 text editor. This editor is basically made in JavaScript, which makes embedding it in blogs and other websites in a simpler and easier manner. Besides providing the usual text-editing features, Aloha also allows the user to change the font and size of the highlighted text as well. The only flaw of this HTML5 text editor is its lack of documentation and online support.

MacFlux is another of the best HTML5 text editors that have gained a good reputation among the developers in a short period of time. As its name suggests, MacFlux is basically a text editor for Mac devices. Having a simple and easy to use interface, this HTML5 text editor provides a creative environment for the developers to create their websites. One can edit a number of text-based languages when using this HTML5 text editor. The one thing lacking in this amazing HTML5 text editor application is a free trial download, which would have helped in being familiarized with the working of the application before it is bought. 

 BlueGriffon is a unique and quite a creative browser based HTML5 text editor. The unique thing about this text editor is that even though it is a browser-based application, one can use it offline as well by downloading it on his computer. This HTML5 text editor provides a number of text-editing options to the user. One of the most amazing features of this HTML5 text editor is that it allows developers to embed videos and audio directly on their websites.You can even extract a frame of the video using this HTML5 text editor and can use it as a poster for your video too. 

Dreamweaver CS5
 Dreamweaver is another fine HTML5 text editor that has proven to be of great value to a web developer. Released by Adobe, the Dreamweaver CS5 is an excellent text editor for HTML5 that provides its users a number of exciting features the most notable of which is the multi-screen viewing. Through this feature provided by this top class HTML5 text editor, a web developer can easily edit his text and can be creative in making the website at the same time. These are only a few of the best HTML5 text editors that one can find in the market these days. Using these text editors can help a developer in creating a good HTML5 website.

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