Ways to Make Money From Websites

ways to make money online
I have been writing a lot about how you can Make Money Online but today I would concentrate mainly on Ways to Make Money from Websites. Let’s say you have your site and want to make some extra bucks out of it. What could be your options and how you can have more than one way of monetizing it?

1. Donations

Easiest way to make money from your website is to ask for donation. Wikipedia is perfect example of it. Asking for donation can vary from site to site and it can be as simple as a PayPal donate button to something like an Amazon Wish List. Just created a simple wish list where I added Windows 7 which I am not looking to buy now but would not mind getting it from someone.
Many people do not prefer to call it a donation and use the terms like Buy me a Coffee or many prefer to term it as hosting expense and many more… You would be amazed to see how many people would donate money to you or buy you things you want to buy but are not really willing to spend on them.

2. Premium Members

The second way you can make money from your website is to have paying members or premium members. The best practices to implementing this are something like having a basic free membership and provide lots of additional features to premium members. The benefits could be anything like an ad-free experience or access to some more features and benefits. Site like LinkedIn have premium membership benefits like they can connect to any other member directly and many others.

3. CPC Ad Network

CPC Advertising is probably the easiest method of making money from any website. There is very low requirement for getting accepted into any CPC Network. Only few days old website and some good quality content and you can be part of CPC Ad networks like Adsense / Kontera / Chitika and many more. After being accepted you can implement them easily in minutes on your site and you would start seeing results.
Though CPC is most preferred method of website monetizing, there is cost associated with it. You have done all the hard work to bring the traffic to your site and you are just letting your traffic leave your site for some cents and if you could do more with that visitor you could have made more from that user’s visit. This is the main reason I do not prefer to have Adsense Ads on one of the most prominent position You see the ads beside Logo are not from Adsense.
CPC is always best way to start but when you grow big don’t be afraid to try alternatives to CPC advertising.

4. Affiliate promotion

If you have mastered the art of selling, affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make most money from the web. AmazonCommission Junction and ClickBankare three of the biggest affiliate marketplaces where you can find thousands of products which you can use. The amount of money you will make would depend on how and what you are selling.

5. CPM (Cost per impressions) Ads or Direct Ad Sales

When you have large audience coming to your site you become eligible for many CPM (Cost per Impression) based ad-networks like TribalFusionNetshelterBurstMedia and many others. Each has different criteria for selecting websites. The ads from such network are mainly for brand promotion from large companies and you place banners at prominent positions and you get paid for views of the banner rather than any action on that banner like click, lead or sale. Apart from CPM Ads as your site grows there would be lot of people and companies who would like to advertise on your site and you can get premium rates from such clients.

6. Selling your own product

Many people are confused as to what products they can create but products can be anything like a website design template, sound clips, videos or even your own e-book. If you have your own product you can easily sell them using the best shopping cart solutions.
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