How to recover Permanently deleted file form your computer PC

One day my friend used my laptop to rearrange his data on his Micro SD card of his Nokia Phone. I just handover the laptop to him. He finished his work and left saying a big thank you to me.
After an hour or 2 he call me and said that there is no any data on his SD card as perhaps he wrongly formatted.
He told me that he used Shift + Delete command to erase the data from my laptop also. It may happen with anyone than what to do. Thanks there are some good software with the help of them we can recover permanently deleted data also. Read more how to

Recover Permanently flashed file folder or document.

1) Download Data Recovery Wizard and Install it.

 2) Run Data Recovery Wizard. Click  Deleted File Recovery 

 3) Select file types and Click Next

4) Select Partitions to scan Deleted Files and Click Next.

5) It will lists all found and recovered deleted files.


6)  Now you can : Search, Preview, Save files that have been found by the Software.


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