Top 10 Free email Services

If you are looking for free email service providers than you must be a choosy person but this is a good habit. Now take a look at this post. Here I am listing worlds 10 most popular email service providers and explaining, why you should join them or not ?

Gmail - Free mail provider
Gmail is the Google approach to email and chat. Practically unlimited free online storage allows you to collect all your messages, and Gmail's simple but very smart interface lets you find mail precisely and see it in context without effort. POP and powerful IMAP access bring Gmail to any email program or device.
Gmail puts contextual advertising next to the emails you read.

Features of gmail
-> Gmail offers continuously growing storage, free IMAP or POP access and sending from any address
-> Smart sorting, searching and starring let you find and organize emails and chat conversations
-> Gmail's web interface is both fast and rich, Gears lets you read and write mail offline

Drawbacks of gmail 
#Gmail could help with organizing mail even more, e.g. with learning labels or reply suggestions
#Searching mail in Gmail is not nearly as smart and comfortable as searching the web with Google
#Gmail does not offer unlimited online space, and does not support secure, encrypted mail

2. Zoho Mail - Free Email Service
Zoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage, POP and IMAP access, some integration with instant messaging and online office suites.
Aimed at professional users, Zoho Mail could be even more helpful organizing mail, identifying key messages and contacts, and sending oft-used replies.

Features of Zoho Mail 
> Zoho Mail includes ample storage and offers POP and IMAP access
> Labels and comprehensive search help you organize mail
> Zoho Mail comes without display advertising

Drawbacks of Mail 
# Zoho Mail cannot access other IMAP accounts
# While Zoho Mail offers templates, you cannot use them for canned replies
# Zoho Mail lacks saved searches and self-learning folders

3. AIM Mail - Free Email Service
AIM Mail, AOL's free web-based email service, shines with unlimited online storage, very good spam protection and a rich, easy to use interface. Unfortunately, AIM Mail lacks a bit in productivity (no labels, smart folders and message threading), but makes up for some of that with very functional IMAP (as well as POP) access

Features of AIM Mail 

> AIM Mail has stellar spam protection and solid security features
> A rich interface makes AIM Mail easy to use, and integrates calendar, chat and social networking
> AIM Mail offers unlimited online email storage space and POP or IMAP access

Drawbacks if AIM Mail

# AIM Mail does not thread messages, offers no labels or smart folders and does not support   encryption
# Email search could be more flexible and efficient in AIM Mail
# AIM Mail support can be tricky to reach, its help puzzling to search


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