Top 5 Free SmS apps for android smart phones

In one of my previous post I explained "How to send free sms with Gmail". but for this you have to use your desktop or laptop that is not possible every time.
To overcome this problem I am here listing the top free android apps by which you can send free sms anywhere to anyone.

1. Google Voice

First up on our list of SMS apps or Android is Google Voice. This is a unique application which provides you the facility to free text messages on any phone numbers, A special thing of this app is it assigns you a unique Google Voice phone number to message with. So with this application you can also SMS those people who are not using smart phones.

 Download link: Google Voice App for Android

2: Go SMS Pro

Second Android application for SMS is Go SMS Pro. This application supports both SMS as well as MMS.It also allows you to send files via the internet or WI-fi.It comes with the feature like private box and recognizes and writing which means you can assigns a password to the application and black list unwanted messages and configure it settings whenever and where ever you want. 

Download Link: Go SMS Pro App for Android

3: SMS Popup

One of the most convenient and user friendly Android SMS application. SMS Popup simplifies replying to the text messages with the assistance of its feature which allows you to reply from the popup window itself. In his other option you can assign specific sounds vibrations separately other options in the popup window includes the ability to delete or close the text message instantly. 

Download Link: SMS Popup App for Android

4: KakaoTalk

This is an Android application with almost every feature you want or desire.With this handy application accept of sending SMS you can also send MMS and audio messages. It also helps you to improve your mobiles appearances to make it look good than other. The most attractive feature of this app is you can password protect your SMS conversation.

 Download Link: KakaoTalk App for Android

5: Handcent SMS

 Another handy app in Android phone for SMS is Handcent SMS. This app is fully unleashes the messaging potential of Android devices it also comes with security options which includes the private box that hides your private messages along with password protection. Handcent SMS is also applicable for the native messaging application which makes it more useful and attractive.

 Download Link: Handcent SMS App for Android


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