Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives List

Google Adsense is the name known to everyone who is hosting a website or blog. Adense is the easiest way to earn some money online with your website or blog but now a days it very tough to get your adsense account approve. If you do so any silly mistake may lead to Adsense account suspension. After that  we looks for the alternative of adsense. Here  is the list of top most and best alternative for adsense.

SiteScoute,The Best AdSense Alternative

SiteScout former Adbrite is one of the most popular source of monetizing your blogger blog. It pays you good amount by different methods.  Dosen't show ads on your blog and website. It only show ads links, picture ads and online ads.if you want to for monetizing with SiteScout so signup there as a publisher. SiteScout required almost 50 keywords related to your blogger and website these keywords help them to found right advertisers to your blogger and website.

Sitescoute- adsense best alternat

Yahoo! Bing Ad Network or "Best AdSense Alternative

Yahoo"Media.Net" The most amazing and interesting fact about Yahoo related ads is that it get approve very quickly. It doesn't depends on the site traffic but quality Depends.The minimum payment is 100$ payout, its Benefit you don't wait pin code. in this case it is similar to Google AdSense but in Yahoo you don't have to wait for PIN, And it pays on Paypal. has been started in 2013 and has got alot of popularity in the world, so there is something,don't waste your time if you don't have Adsense Account go for Its best Alternative. 

Yahoo! Bing Ad Network or "Best AdSense Alternative"

BuySellAds,Proudly Competing With Google Adsense.

BuySellAds has proved itself as one of the best AdSense alternatives. BuySellAds is a different kind of ads network which connects the direct advertisers with you and your ads spaces are sold on a time basis like for months, years etc.The minimum Payout at BuySellAds is 50$. getting BuySellAds approval is tough as they approve websites with huge traffic 50K visitors daily.You Will be Able To Apply buysellads.


The Recommended Google AdSense Alternative. Chitika is a great alternative of Google AdSense. It pays you on click basis and you get paid every time a visitor clicks on the ads. They are good and their Chitika payout is much less than the above 3 ad networks. They pay you with PayPal and the minimum Chitika payout is $10 only.chitka is a fantastic Advertising Network for making money Online.So don't waste Your time if you don't have Adsense Account,Go for Chitka and Enjoy Earning.

Infolinks "The Best Recommended Google AdSense Alternative"

Infolinks is a text based ad network. you can put the code on your Blogger And Website and some keywords will be highlighted automatically. Its Amazing Fact.Their payout is $50 and they have good support and PayPal facility. Infolinks ads can be customized according to the color of your website. You can do wonders with Infolinks if you know the perfect color combination and other things. This is surely a good alternative to Google AdSense.

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