How to show Your Picture On Windows 7 Logon Screen

If you are bored of seeing the pictures of flowers or animals on your Windows 7 logon screen and want to see your own sweet face there when you log on then check this quick tutorial which will help you do exactly that.

Before I proceed, just wanted to mention that in case you are looking for advanced customization, read this article it'll help you change and customize your Windows 7 logon screen.

Okay, now back to the quick tip. Here we go

Step 1.
Type account picture in the Start search bar. It should show Change your account picture. Click on it.

put your picture on windows 7 logon screen 1

Step 2.
On the window that opens next, you can click on Browse for more pictures at the bottom.

Step 3.
Select your picture and you are done. If you want to switch to another picture, add it using the same method and then select and click change picture. Simple.

That was how you can have your photo show up on the logon screen of Windows 7. Quick and easy!


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