40 Reasons for a man to dress well

Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable.

1. Total strangers usually give you the benefit of the doubt.
2. You’ll seem a bit mysterious while travelling.  Even if your trip is painfully boring.
3. You usually have a coat or umbrella to offer someone who has romantic potential.
4. You look less like a weirdo when out, having a drink by yourself.
5. As long as you’re respectful, some police officers might treat you better.

6. Suit Jackets and Blazers make you look like you’re in great shape, even if you’re not quite there.
7. It’s a great reason to get in shape. Well Dressed + In Shape = The world is your oyster.
8. It’s a great reason to STAY in shape. C’mon, you can’t eat yourself out of that new suit.
9. The look on the face of the girl who dumped you years ago when you run into her at the airport…
10. …especially if you buy her a drink, listen to how her life has gone since the breakup, and leave after that one drink, letting her wonder what you must be up to.

11. Your handshake seems stronger.
12. With a smile and confident eye contact, you can look like you belong just about anywhere.
13. If your boss is a bit of a slob, and you’re dressed appropriately for your position yet better than him/her, it’s awfully hard for them to be a real jackass to you during your yearly review.
14. The bridesmaids quickly forget about the groomsman that walked with them down the aisle.
15. Shop online? You can develop a great relationship with your UPS man.

16. Ticket agents and flight attendants seem to give you extra attention.
17. Those extra pockets inside your jacket come in real handy.
18. It makes it easier to get away with less professional stuff at work (having scruff, getting a beer at lunch, etc…)
19. As a younger guy, you give all those older gentlemen hope.
20. You’re happy to help when your not so well dressed pal asks you to help him pick out some new clothes for his wedding day.

21. You finally start to take care of your clothes and store them properly.
22. Taking off your jacket buys you extra time for the authorities to step in if you’re grossly over-matched in a fist fight.
23. Walking a dog or carrying a baby while well dressed makes you 25% more handsome.
24. If you stink at accepting compliments (of any kind), you’ll probably get better at taking them.
25. You’ll also be more willing to pay someone a compliment, which can open many doors if it’s genuine.

26. If you look younger than your actual age, people will take you as serious as you should be taken.
27. If you look older than your actual age, people might think you own the place.
28. Believe it or not, it helps keep things in perspective.  You live in your clothes.  Things will happen to your clothes.  At some point you’re going to spill something on a favorite pair of shoes or shirt… and y’know what?  It’s just stuff.
29. The salesman won’t give you the side eye if you want to take that car you can’t afford under any circumstances out for a test drive.
30. Your backup Halloween costume every year: Mayhem from the Allstate commercials.

31. Sometimes, your date wants to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy.  Sometimes, your date may want to date someone who initiates that getting dressed up and going somewhere fancy.
32. You’ll become fluent in ironing.
33. Retail sales people are less likely to pester you since you seem to know what you’re doing.
34. You’ll slay em’ at the company Christmas party.
35. Shining a great pair of shoes is sort of like hand washing a really cool car.

36. It’s about potential.  Most want to max out their personal potential.  Maximizing your potential, at surface level, often includes how you present yourself.  That includes your clothes.  And they certainly don’t have to be expensive to help you reach the level of confidence you deserve.
37. Down the road, old photos won’t look so bad after all.
38. That feeling of not knowing what to wear?  It goes away after a while.
39. Bartenders seem to keep a good eye on you for when you need another drink.
40. Because there’s going to come a time when you’ll HAVE to be dressed well. And chances are it’s going to be an important event. If you’re not already used to dressing well, you’re going to feel awkward. And it’ll show. Practice makes perfect.

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