Top 5 Plugins Every Blogger Should Install

Setting up your blog is a little bit of task, but getting it to run smoothly is another task, which must be executed properly, as it decides a lot on how search engines reacts to your blog (i.e. how fast they crawl your blog content), it also decides how longer a visitor stays on your blog. This article will explore essential plug-ins that must not be found missing on your blog, if you plan on making nice income from the blog. The article will give detailed analysis on the functions and why this plug-ins a very important.

1. Share This


What’s the essence of having hundreds of article with nobody reading it? It’s an absolute waste of time to have contents and not share it with people on the internet. The share button allows blog owner and visitors to share the blog contents on various social network and professional online platforms, there are various plugins (100’s of them) that can help in achieving this purpose, but I will recommend the “Share This Plugin“. This plugin have been around for a considerable number of years, it’s easily customizable and allows sharing on over 50 social platform (Facebook, twitter, Google+, reddit, linkedIn e.t.c.). Easy to install and functions effectively.

2. Subscribe Widget

I have been a blogger for quite some years now, and I have learnt about the effectiveness of newsletter the hard way, when you start a blog, it’s a very good idea to install a subscribe button on the blog, when visitors like the contents of your blog, they would always want to come back for more, but people are a little bit lazy to cram your web address, they would prefer that you notify them whenever a new interesting article is published.

This is where the Subscribe button comes handy, your visitors will be able to input their email address and subscribe to your blog, this plugin is created in such a way that it creates a list of email addresses and give the administrator an option to notify subscribers of new blog post. If am to give a suggestion for a plugin on WordPress platform the "Subscribe2 Plugin" is a must have for every WordPress user.

If you are on the Blogger platform, there is also a subscribe button available to you by default. This is available on the dashboard. However, if you don’t like what Blogger has created for you, you can use our custom subscription widget for Blogger.

3. CommentLuv


This is strictly for WordPress users. Have you ever wondered why some blogs have more comment and yours doesn’t? The perfect explanation is that most of the blogs with lots of comment have the Commentluv plugin installed on their comment area. This elegant plugin has a free and premium version, the free version ensures that you have attractive comment thread on your blog, the premium version allows you to “force” commenter into subscribing to your blog/following your blog on social networks (very cool) before they can link their most recent article to your blog comment thread as well.

4. Akismet

akismet spam comment blogger plugin

I was running one of my blogs on blogger, so I decided to migrate to WordPress for some reasons, the transfer was successful but I got really frustrated after staying on the WordPress platform for a week or so. Reason? because I had close to a thousand spam comments floating all over my blog, I deleted as much as I could but the number of the spam comments kept on increasing, not until I realized that I would have to activate my Akismet plugin which automatically prevents such spam comments, so I got the plugin key and activated it.

The plugin was very effective and allows me to filter through my comment, approve the ones that are not spam; auto deletes the spam ones and other great features.

5. ALL In One SEO ParkK


The joy of every blogger is to top the SERP (search engine result page), but everybody can’t be at the top, someone has to take the last page too. That is where this great SEO plugin comes in. Basically, what it does is prevent you from not being at the top, the All In One SEO Plugin is a very effective one when it comes to SEO issue on WordPress, it has a very detailed dashboard that instructs you on how to include your desired keyword into your article title, it tells you the normal percentage of keyword, there is a column for post summary, it’s the perfect tools for getting noticed by search engine.

When a blog is fully optimized with the right tools, the chances of it getting indexed faster by search engines increases tremendously. One highly important plugin I didn’t mention is “Google Sitemap Plugin” Its best plugin to use if you want to if you wish to get all your post index less than an hour after they are updated.

Your Turn

There are some other useful plugins which every blogger should have that I didn’t mention, use the Comment Box to share with everyone.

This post originally written by Kyle Stevens  for ThatNaijaBlog


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