Microsoft Research's new tool Guesses Password

If you can't create a stronger password for yourself now don't worry, Microsoft Research has developed a new tool designed to help prevent people creating weak passwords for themselves named 
'Telepathwords', When you type your password it reads each character and guesses the next character of your password.
You may see  a Red Cross above the character which was guessed by Telepathwords if there is a Green Tick mark, Your password is quite stronger which is not easily guessable.

Telepathwords -  guesses Your Password - trickdump

The tool detects vulnerabilities in passwords that would have previously been allowed under the standard "rules": passwords such as "P@$$w0rd1", for example, contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a digit, a symbol, and no English words - so are allowed under the rules - but can easily be guessed by hackers due to common patterns and character replacement.

Telepathwords will guess this password through Microsoft's specially-crafted prediction engine, which uses a database of commonly used passwords, phrases and behaviors to root out these bad passwords. As you type it, the tool tells you where you went wrong, such as informing you that character replacement doesn't make a password any more secure.

Want to check how strong your password is Jump to Telepathwords.


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