SEO Tips for Bloggers

Creating a blog is easy but increasing its ranking in search engines like Google is another thing. We all know that having just a blog or website won’t work until it ranks well on search engines and if you want to rank your blog on Google, here we discuss few simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips for blogger:

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Use Catchy Title:

Always keep remember that Google pays particular attention to titles, therefore, make sure to use right title for your post. Firstly, make sure to put the title in the “title tags” on the blog backend. In case, you only want to make it SEO friendly, then don’t include blog name in the title tags but if you want to make it brand, then of course it is worth doing.

Content is King: 

The content and its quality is the foremost essential factor when it comes to search engines on a blog. May be others will argue this fact, but as far as I know the blogging world, the success majorly depends on the quality of your blog post. Quality and unique content helps folks to become your reader and also make them share the same with others in the social world.

Use Relevant Keywords in Blog Post: 

Don’t forget to use the keywords you want to target because if you want Google to rank your blog post for particular term, then you need to use that term in your blog post.

Predict What People Often Search: 

Every time you write a post, first think what folks often search. Once you know what they often search you’re set to write yourblog post.

Link to Your Own Blog Post:

 Do internal linking your post with other posts in your blog but don’t overdo this. Internal linking will help your readers to read more posts related to the keywords in your blog.

Link Outside Your Blog:

 Give links to your blog from other websites or give links to other websites from your blog are key in SEO. But don’t do over-linking as sometimes it becomes spam linking and may harm your blog ranking on search engines. Do proper research on blog linking and do accordingly.

Use Plugins: 

If you are using WordPress, then there are certain plugins that you can use to make it SEO friendly.


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