Use of Social Media for Blog Promotion

Have you tried everything but still not getting relevant traffic to your blog? Do you spend your valuable time in writing a unique and killer blog posts but not getting sufficient readers?

No doubt, you have spent hours researching and creating a compelling blog post to help you bring traffic to your blog, but if you don’t know how to do content marketing, probably you will not achieve whatever the objective you have for writing that post.

Content marketing is essential as important as writing a killer post because if no one is reaching the content then what’s the need to write it. Isn’t it?

Being a blogger, you are very well known with the fact that blog promotion matters, especially if you are doing blogging for business. Therefore, if you really want to promote your blog content, it’s time to use social media to its next level for promotion.

use of social media for blog promotion

The following are some easy ways to use social media to promote your blog –

Compelling and Useful Content
Though, this tip is not really related to the social media marketing, but it has its own importance and the first step that sets up all the other steps for success. Content is the foremost thing that audiences want to share to make them appear noticeable and sophisticated. Obviously, they won’t just share any other content available on social media. So, while writing content, don’t forget to make it useful, interesting and unique that rarely found anywhere else. Although it is hard to write something which is not already available online, the way you present it must be compelling enough to let your audiences share it on social media.

Integrate Social Sharing Icons
By integrating the social sharing icons in your blog, you can fulfill the gap between millions of people available on social media and your content. However, make sure to not crowd social sharing buttons on your blog as this may put your readers off and this will affect the sharing.

Build Relationships with Other Bloggers
It is good to be aware of other bloggers in your niche but do you know that you can also use them to promote your blog? Read & share other blogger’s post with your blog link as in this way they can also visit your blog and return the favor in a similar way. You can also do guest blogging for other blogs and can give your blog link in that particular post.

Do Remember Your Old Blog Posts
When it comes to use social media to promote your blog, don’t limit yourself to share only new or fresh post alone. You can share your old blog posts that are about something which never go out of trend. This is essential because may be you have new followers now and they have not yet read your old blog post. You could also change the title of old posts while sharing it again on social media.


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