3 Online Jobs that pay you Rs 1000 per hour

Since time immemorial people have tried to maximize the returns that they get from the time invested. Man knows he has a limited time on this planet and this makes him an impatient person.

In his quest to earn more quickly, he ends up taking short cuts which ironically take him further away from his goal. If you plan well ahead of time you can exploit the opportunities that fate throws along your path. Remember the world’s population as of today stands at 7.4 billion. You are one among 7.4 billion people. If you are a student looking to take up a career then you can consider the professions listed below. If you are a housewife or a retired professional just looking to earn money online then the posts below will help you

We evaluated more than 30 different online jobs and estimated how much you can earn. Then we shortlisted the top three based on ease of working and earning capacity. You do not require a degree to start earning from these jobs. You can learn online from free courses and also get certifications from training institutes.

Freelance Writer

trickdump.netAs a freelance writer you will spend you time writing on topics that your clients wants. You will be paid a fixed remuneration depending on the article length and quality. Freelance writers from India earn under a varied range. New writers earn between Rs 300 to Rs 500 for a 700 word article while an accomplished article writer can be expected to earn more than Rs 1000 for a similar article. In this profession you earn more with time as you build a portfolio and gain experience on determining what your client requires.

Nowadays you need to write articles which are not just understood by people but are also ranked high in search engine results. This has resulted in the creation of a new profession called SEO copy writing. Good SEO copy writers are in high demand and earn the highest income among all professional article writers.

Graphic Designer
A Graphic designer uses computer tools like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver  and CorelDraw to create professional looking logo’s, brochures and websites. Some of their designs are printed while others get published on the Internet. Good Graphic designers are in high demand in India. It takes many years of practice and hard work to become a top notch graphic designer. Graphic designers in India can earn between 1-2 Lakh’s every month. It is ideal for freshers who are just out of college and do not have any work experience.

Foreign Language Translator
A person who know multiple languages can serve as a translator. There is a greater demand for professionals who know a foreign language such as French , Spanish and German than Indian language speakers. This is because the highest paying work involves interacting with foreign tourists or doing back office work for foreign clients who all pay in dollars and euro’s. It takes anything from 6 months to 3 years to complete master a language and speak it as well as a native speaker. You can get paid $ 20 for translating a full page article online on freelance websites.

Before you finalize which career you want to choose you should try your hand at all three professions. Do you know of any other careers that pay more online ? Do let us know in the comments section.



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