6 Cute First Date Tricks

first dating tricks

Going on your first date can be uneasy. Most of the time he is worried about if he choose the right venue, the right place and/or the right time. So ladies, guys go through their “mind bottling” moment concerning the first date. As far as your concerned, “what you’re going to wear and your make-up is just as important. Indeed it is. Most importantly, how you choose those cute first date ideas is very important.

With so many dating options available you have a list of things that you can do as a cute date. The internet even makes that first date possible with either of you never having to leave home. If you decide on being close together in a private setting or at a nightclub the options are endless.

The goal is the be creative. Find out the things that your partner enjoys doing. This is very important if you’re planning a surprise first date. It’s guaranteed that your partner that is allergic to horses wouldn’t want to go horseback riding. Deciding on a the perfect first date involves you paying close attention to your new mate and their likes/dislikes, favorite foods and more. 

The time of year also has a lot to do with the type of date that you’ll planned. However, endless resources creates limitless opportunities. Most average income personals are looking for a inexpensive, quality, romantic date.

Here are our 6 first date Tricks

  • No matter what time of the year it is, planning a night (in) with the honey is always a great idea. Depending on who is hosting the date, you’re in a controlled environment. You can create the right temperature, lighting and atmosphere. Merely light scented candles around the room. Watch a new release. (One that calls for a lot of cuddling is recommended.) Prepare your favorite dish together before the movie with a unique finger-food dessert. Be sure to prepare light meals. The 1-on-1 attention is always a favorite. If you’re craving attention for the night. Post your post date night drinks, outfits and food on your Facebook page.

  • During the summer and year round in certain parts of the country the beach is always a great place to entertain a cute first date. This is a simple date that involves you having fun on the beach. He can even show off your pecks. In fact, join in on a volleyball game and join opposing teams. Take up some surfing lessons and then sunbathe together. The beach atmosphere offers lots of room to play and keep things social. It never hurts to get out and enjoy a little bit of sun.

  • Young adults today are bonded by their love for music. Another idea would be going to a concert. Find out who is playing in your local area or take a short drive down the highway together or with some friends and rock on to your favorite band, artist or group. All genres of music make a romantic date. Simply engage in the concert as a couple and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the energy from the crowd!

  • The movies is practical, but why not think outside of what the norm is for a cute first date. Go to your local food, drink candy or snack foods processing factory and find out when they give tours. Believe it or not, this makes a cute first date because you get to test food and/or drink products and it won’t cost you a dime. In fact, you’re educating yourselves together on the quality of food and drinks and how they’re made, processed and manufactured. You’re going on tour and being guided by someone else. This is a great idea for anyone that doesn’t have great conversational skills.

  • A nice late Fall date is always a walk on the nature trail or hiking. If you enjoy those long walks together this is your opportunity to be together and find out a lot more about each other. You also get a chance to appreciate the nature around you. Some hiking trips can lead to an awesome camping trip. (overnight) Sometimes, there are groups that participate in this kinds of adventures, if you’re too scared to go at it alone.

  • Finally, the ultimate cute first date for every girl is to be able to go where they want and be able to get what they want. So, if you’re that rich guy with all the money in world. Take her shopping for a nice piece of jewelry that indicates you plan on being around for a while. Those on a budget that want to finesse their date could get her nails done.
Just be creative with your date



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