6 Tricks For Cute Home Date

Even though your man may like to go out on the town every weekend, try to get him to stay in. There are some great home date night ideas that I have had great success with, which will allow you and your man to come closer together as a couple.

Wine Tasting Night

A sure-fire way to get your night started off in the right direction is to have a wine tasting night. Go out and buy different kinds of wines that you have never tried before. Setup glasses with the wine bottles near. You and your boyfriend or husband will get to experience some great tasting wines, which is an elegant way to spend an evening inside.

And, to add some elegance to your wine tasting night, you can play some romantic music and setup candles around the table. After a while, you and your man will be enjoying the high life, tasting great wines that will have you reminiscing on your beautiful relationship.

Scary Movie Marathon

What’s better than watching scary movie after scary movie?

Wrapped up in covers, you and your man can have a scary movie marathon. Since you don’t have to go to the movie theater, you can save some money. And, these marathons give you the chance to cuddle up with your man, experiencing frightening moments that you never will forget.

To give you an authentic movie experience, you can cook your own popcorn. The theater experience will be in your home, and you and your man can enjoy hours and hours of scary movie moments.

Cooking Dinner Together

In order to grow closer together, you and your man can cook a meal together. Teaching your man how to prepare different foods will give you a chance to bond with him. While cooking dinner, you can have music playing in the background, creating a romantic mood for both of you. 

Whether you are cooking an Italian dinner or a Mexican food buffet, cooking together will give you the chance to talk with your boyfriend or husband, learning something new about them.

Italian Night

 Bring the world of Italy to your home by cooking a traditional pasta dish and enjoying different wines with your loved one. An Italian night at your home is a romantic way to grow closer with your loved one. 

You can have a candle-lit dinner, and once you have finished the wine and food, you can watch a romantic movie featured in Italy. Love will be in the air, and you won’t even have to leave your home.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love playing games, especially if they are board games? You can get together a huge selection of board games. These games will give you something to do for hours, and while you are playing, you can talk with your boyfriend or husband. 

It will be a quite night in your home, where you can get your competitive juices flowing.

Photot Album

Sometimes you may not want to eat or watch a movie, so what’s there really left to do? How about looking at old photos of each other when you were young? Looking at photo albums with your loved one is a good way to remissness on the good old days, when you were young and innocent.

Looking at baby or teen pictures, you will be able to remember certain memories that really are special in your life. This lets your boyfriend or husband learn something about you, allowing you and him to grow closer together.

I know that these stay at home date ideas will work for you, as they worked for me, and my husband isn’t the easiest man to please. Thanks to these date ideas, I have grown closer to my husband. He’s actually become my best friend. This can happen to you as well by using these date ideas in your personal relationships.


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