How To French Kiss

how to french kiss

More often than not, the first step to any intimate physical relationship is kissing. After that, it won’t be long before that first kiss turns into a full blown French kiss-which usually opens the door to a more intimate relationship. So, to find out how to take your relationship to the next level and how to leave your partner wanting more and more, here’s a few tips on how to French kiss well.


This is especially important if it’s the first kiss. Look for somewhere private and pay attention to your partner’s body movement and eye contact. This way you’ll know when the moment is right.

Move In

Once the mood is right and the right opportunity presents itself, make your move.
Make sure you go in slowly enough to give your partner time to decide if he/she wants in on it. Also remember to keep you head angled so your noses don’t bump into each other.
Plus, as you go in, gaze into your partner’s eyes and lips to make your intentions clear. You can also let out a little smile if you are excited about kissing them, this will help to reduce the tension.

Starting Off

Start with the normal tongueless kiss. Then, as the tempo gradually increases, quickly sweep your tongue over your partner’s lips. If the person likes it, he/ she will do the same but if they do not respond, it’s best to keep things slow. Just stay on the regular kissing, do not push your partner into doing something that he/she is not comfortable with.
If your partner is OK with you using your tongue however, it’s time to take it to the next level.


  • The tongue is a mobile tool that you can use to explore your partners mouth. However, you do not want to start by jabbing your tongue into a person’s mouth!
  • Start by gently inserting the tip of your tongue in his/her mouth while kissing; when you are sure that they are comfortable with this, move in a little bit deeper. Play around by gently tagging his/her tongue or entangling both your tongues and moving your tongue back invitingly.
  • If you are not sure of what you are doing, let your partner take the lead and guide you towards what they want. The speed of the kiss, intensity involved and how deep the tongue goes will give you an idea of what the other person likes.
  • Not everyone likes the same thing in a kiss, so always communicate with your partner by telling them what you like them to do while you are kissing.
  • It is also important to remember that a good French kiss goes beyond just the lips and tongue. Use your hands to hold your partners waist, neck, face, hips or the back of their head. A firm and gentle grip on the right spot will make the kiss more memorable.
  • And because the moment will be filled with emotion, don’t forget to breathe, that’s what your nose is for right? You can always give yourself a few minutes in between kisses to catch your breath if the moment is intense.
You might not get it right the first time you try it, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll perfect your skill. In any case, you’ll find out what your partner likes and does not like so next time you’ll have a better idea on how to do it.


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