Now Video Call on Whatsapp

whatsapp video call

WhatsApp video calling feature can be accessed by tapping on the phone icon placed at the top-right corner. Earlier this option will initiate voice calling, now tapping on the icon will give users the option to choose whether to make a voice call or a video call.

  • Go to Whatsapp Official Website.
  • On download page you will see whatsapp download and beta tester.
  • Tap on Try out latest Beta Program from Google Play.

whatsapp beta tester video call

  • In the follow up Tap on Become a tester .
  • Few seconds later you will download latest Whatsapp Video Call.Apk.
Presently users can see the ‘Whatsapp video calling’ option. On tapping video calling option, the app says it cannot place the call and displays message “Video Calling is unavailable at this time”. However the video calling will available soon.


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