Making Her First Time The Best Time

make her first time the best time

It’s finally time. You’ve been going out with her for a while, and you’re both ready to take the next step – into the bedroom. The lights are down low, you’re fumbling with buttons, and then she says it, “This is my first time.” These words may make you panic, but they don’t have to. There are ways you can help your partner have a fantastic first experience, and you’ll enjoy it as well.

Go slow

You may be nervous and feel like the pressure’s on to make this memorable, but how you’re feeling is probably nothing compared to what she’s going through. Think back to your first time. If you’re like many guys, it may have been over a little too quickly. Don’t make that the case for your partner – instead, take your time. Enjoy lots of sensual foreplay. A long make-out session, sexy massage and maybe some oral play will certainly make her first time memorable. If you have some time to prep before she comes over, and you know you’re going to have some bedroom fun, take the time to make your bedroom appealing. Clean up your space, light some candles and pick out some mood music.
On a similar note, don’t forget to be patient. Practice makes perfect when it comes to bedroom fun, and it’s likely that you’ll encounter some awkward situations. Don’t get annoyed if she’s not a pro right off the bat, instead be encouraging and understanding.

Talk it out

As always, communication is key – especially in this scenario. She may be too afraid to protest for fear of seeming inexperienced, so it’s up to you to check in with her throughout your time between the sheets. Make sure she’s feeling good, and if you sense she’s in pain or uncomfortable, stop what you’re doing and ask her what she’d like you to do next. This session is about her, not you, so make sure you are making the moves that will please her most.
At the same time, this should be a learning experience for her, so some tips and pointers could be a good thing, as long as they’re offered in a loving way. Let her know when something feels really good, and don’t forget to give plenty of compliments.

Choose the right condom

Wearing protection is always important, but for a woman’s first time, it’s absolutely essential. The best way to ruin her first sexual experience would be to give her a sexually transmitted infection or a pregnancy scare. Not to mention, condoms can help enhance her sexual experience. The LifeStyles Everlast Intense® condom has studs that will make the validation of her v-card unforgettable.
If your soon-to-be partner is going to be a regular bedroom companion, you may want to go shopping for the condoms together. Why not buy several different varieties and try them out? If you make the first time count, odds are she’ll be back for more.


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