5 Little Tips That Will Save You So Much Money

Saving money is the key to a successful life. You need to have money stashed away for a rainy day, just in case you want to take a trip, plan the wedding of a lifetime, buy a car or something unexpected happens. When you’re looking for the best way to save money quickly, it’s easy to try too hard or put too much of your income away. Like all things in life, the best way to save money fast is to do it little by little. Don’t forget the 50/20/30 rule and do the rest as you go…

1. Have a no spend weekend 

You’re less likely to spend money at work, besides lunch and travel expenses. It’s during the weekend when most of us go shopping crazy. From eating out to buying new shoes, it feels good, but it’s better to have a no spend weekend once in a while. Don’t order food, don’t eat out, and plan your meals beforehand. Go out and do something that doesn’t involve spending money, and put aside what you were planning to spend on new clothes once the weekend is over!

2. Automate it

If you’re truly terrible with money, set up a direct debit from one account to another. Start small and build it up. The less you feel it coming out of your account, the easier it will be to build-up large amounts in savings. If you add up the automated payments you make to subscription services you’ll probably be surprised how much you’re spending a year.

3. Waste less food 

Plan your meals on a Sunday, eat your leftovers for lunch and keep track of your food waste bin. It might not feel like you’re saving money by eating yesterday’s dinner over your desk but it’s estimated that you’ll save around $500 a year. It doesn’t feel like much but it goes a long way.

4. Learn delayed gratification 

It’s something that we forget as we get older, but when you see something you really want, part of the reward of adulthood (and working hard) is that you can actually get it. But if you delay that gratification, save the money for it first and buy it at the very end of the month (before your next paycheck), you get to feel like you’ve earned it, which makes the treat much sweeter.

5. Get a financial advisor on your phone

My must have when I’m keeping track of my incomings and outgoings is Daily Budget. Career Girl Daily’s co-founder Ellen introduced me to it a while ago and I haven’t looked back. It’s come in handy when buying my first ever house, paying bills, and saving money to buy expensive coffee tables. It tells you how much you should spend a day, and how much you should save in order to reach your savings goal. Genius.


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