7 Reasons All Of Us Should Give Aerobics A Try

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Don’t just wish for a healthy body. Work for it! - This is the mantra health freaks swear by.

A lot of effort and dedication goes behind maintaining a toned, fit and healthy body. And while hitting the gym is normally the first option, aerobics is a great alternative to becoming fit and healthy too! Swimming, running, jogging, dancing, bicycling, skiing and walking are different forms of aerobics. Performing these exercises along with nutritious and healthy eating is the key to mental and physical health stability.

Here are all the reasons why aerobics is one of the best alternative forms of fitness.

Increases physical stamina

Aerobics is known to make one physically fit, but it increases our physical stamina and endurance power tremendously. Repeating the exercises for over 5 minutes adds more power to our muscles and gives us a more flexible body. You’ll absolutely forget being lethargic or fatigued, but will always be energetic and charged up, looking forward to the day.

Improves heart functions

Aerobics makes your heart pump more blood to itself and various other parts of the body. Hence, aerobics is also referred to as cardio-vascular exercises. The increased blood flow increases the heart rate. This certainly keeps your arteries clean and cholesterol levels up, strengthens your heart and keeps chronic conditions like high BP, sugar and heart diseases at bay.

Gives us healthier lungs

Aerobics accompanies heavy breathing, as you need the right amount of breathing to perform the rhythmic steps and exercises. The more air you breathe, the more your lungs expand, nurturing your respiratory systems and keeping it healthy.

Helps build positive mental health

There are so many different forms of aerobics that can be done to keep you entertained and motivated. Aerobics is known to elevate mood and works as a stress buster, and also helps in circulating positive vibes and happy hormones. Performing aerobics on a regular basis induces an anxiety-free state of mind.

Helps in weight loss

Aerobics combined with stretching exercises and a balanced diet is certain to give you a toned body with an ideal BMI.

Increases life span

Regular aerobics slows the overall ageing process and increases our life span by keeping most health ailments away and strengthening our immune systems.

Increased social connect

A lot of team bonding happens over aerobics, when done in a group. Not only are you able to socialize, but you are introduced to many individuals from different walks of life, who can relate to your fitness milestones. 

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