Now Google Assistant Allow You To Choose Male Voice "II Option"

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Google Assistant was launched last year but the search giant's digital assistant only had one voice option (female) till now. In order to provide a customisation option, Google has now added a new male voice option, and simply called the Voice II. Separately, the Google Home app for Android and iOS has been updated with a new user interface as well as a Night Mode.

The new voice option has already been made available on both smartphones as well as the company's smart speaker Home, as pointed out in a report by Android Police. In order to choose the new voice option, users need to head to Assistant Voice from Preferences option within the Google Home app or Assistant settings.

Moving on to the version of the Google Home app, the latest update essentially cleans up the user interface within the app and now there are just two categories, i.e. Discover and Browse, which can be found at the bottom half of the screen, as pointed out in a report by AndroidAuthority. Apart from this, the company has added a Night Mode to the Google Home app that allows users to have the volume adjusted according to the time of the day, as per the report.

The light at the top of the speaker can also be dimmed so as to avoid excessive disturbance at night and now there is a Do Not Disturb setting that allows timers and alarms to ring but silences other notifications and reminders, Android Authority points out.

Lastly, a teardown of the Google app version 7.13 has revealed that Google might currently be working on Assistant-enabled headphones called 'Google Earphones', as per a report by 9To5Google.


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