What Really Happens In An Arranged Marriage As Compared To Love Marriage?

What would you do if you get hired by two different organizations at a time? Which option will you prefer to choose? You will opt for the job in a city you are very familiar to or will you decide to go for the job, which will take you to an alien city where you haven't been to. I quoted this example because marrying a girl you are in love with is like moving to a known city and getting into an arranged marriage fills your mind and soul with an anxiety of surviving in a place you have never ever been to.

So what would you prefer an arranged marriage or a love marriage? I think it's too early to answer this question. Because after reading what really happens in an arranged marriage than in love marriage, will help you reach a conclusion.

Arranged Marriage: Right from the very moment when you meet your partner for the first time, the series of hurdles gets installed on your way to happiness. Because arranged marriage isn't about wooing the guy, but is getting approved by his mother, father, and family too.

Arranged Marriage: In an arranged marriage, you need to first convince each other's families that you are fit to enter their life and after the wedding takes place, a girl is allowed to do only what her mother-in-law would say 'YES' to. And a guy is not allowed to say 'NO' to what his extended family wants him to do.

Love Marriage: Freedom is the most important factor that is practised when you are really in love.

Arranged Marriage: On the D-Day when you are all set to tie the knot and all geared up to start a new inning with your partner for life, I don't understand from where does this nervousness occur!

Love Marriage: "Can't wait for all the rituals to get over. I can feel butterflies in the stomach, but I am very happy too. The love of my life will now officially be mine for life and beyond." This is what a girl/guy feels, who marry their love partner.

Arranged Marriage: How would one feel, when he/she is asked 'Ab pote ka muh kab dikha rahe ho' on the very first night of the wedding? Screwed up! This is what happens with many around, who get into an arranged marriage. Because an arranged marriage is all about forgetting your dreams, to fulfil others' desires.

Love Marriage: Your partner will make sure that you never get forced into something, just for the sake of making someone else happy.

Arranged Marriage: Life after getting into an arranged marriage is all about adjustments, adjustments, and adjustments. But....

Love Marriage: Just like its name, love marriage is all about love, love and endless love.

Arranged Marriage: This type of marriage can sometimes be injurious to health. Coz it is all about doing what others want you to do.

Love Marriage: This will surely change your life for good. Coz this is about following your heart all life.


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