WhatsApp is testing ‘Restricted Groups’ feature that may allow admins to gag other users

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WhatsApp is testing ‘Restricted Groups’ feature that may allow admins to gag other users

We all know that the popular instant messaging company WhatsApp keeps testing new features from time to time on both Android and iOS devices in its beta version. Although many features see the light of the day, many others don’t. This time the Facebook-owned instant messenger has been spotted testing a new feature for groups, giving slightly more importance to their admins.

This new feature is being called as ‘Restricted Groups’ and is found by the WABeta Info website. The feature may change the WhatsApp’s Group feature completely.

As per the WABeta Info website, WhatsApp is testing this feature in the version 2.17.430 on both Android and iOS.

Using the Restricted Group feature, the group admins will be to disable other members from commenting anything in the group thread. Once activated, the members will only see the option to direct message to the group admin or mute the group’s notifications.

It has also been found out that an admin can restrict members from commenting anything in the group for 72 hours as of now. However, this limit may change by the time this feature is rolled out to everyone. Also mentioned is that this feature is disabled by default so not everyone will be able to use it right away.

Bringing features like ‘Restricted Groups’ makes sense given that a group has several members and some major announcement by the admin can go unnoticed amidst several other comments.

On iOS, WhatsApp recently rolled out two major features. The app update v2.17.81 has made it easier for users to record and send voice messages. Until now they had to press and hold the record button to send a message. Now, when they press the voice recording button, they will see a lock button as well. In addition to this, users can easily watch YouTube videos in the app using the picture-in-picture mode. This means that users can watch the videos while chatting in the background.


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