Happy 20th birthday, Google! These 5 tricks will make your Google Search cooler than ever – Check them out

We have compiled a list of five tricks that you can do on Google Search.

When Google took off from the small garage in 1998, the world was unfamiliar with what could grow and become one of the world’s most valued companies. Today, if you can practically hold something responsible for the Internet wisdom that you possess, it would definitely be Google. Conceived as a search project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the late 90s, Google has catapulted itself to become the go-to search engine website that almost everyone prefers.

With over 1 billion users in each of the eight product categories, Google is hardly a name that no one knows. Celebrating its 20th birthday, Google has decorated its Search page with a peppy, cute-looking Doodle that runs us through some of the most searched questions. Twenty years of empowering the Internet citizens to sift endlessly on the World Wide Web has seen substantially significant ups and downs. But in this long run, we have learned a lot from Google, thanks to its ginormous repository of information on everything that your brain can muscle to think.

We have compiled a list of five tricks that you can do on Google Search, apart from looking for your favourite recipe, that song you heard at the parking, or the capitals of all the countries in the world. Here we go:

1 – Askew: Askew means tilting something in a way that it’s no longer in a straight position. Google will answer all your queries in a tilted page, so good luck with the awry position of your neck. Just type ‘askew’ (without the quotes) and see it yourself.

2 – Loop: Google knows to play pranks if you are wondering that it wouldn’t. On typing ‘recursion’ (again, without the quotes), Google will keep suggesting you the same word recursively. Did you mean recursion? Or maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you did.

3 – Do a Barrel Roll: This trick is perhaps the most cliche one that you must have come across at least once. Anyway, if you haven’t heard of it, Google can do a somersault for you – right there on your computer screen. Just type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and experience how Google rolls the Search page.

4 – Philosophical preaching: Google can sometimes be eerily philosophical on some mind-bending questions that anyone barely has an answer to. Filtering some really intricate knowledge out of its mind, Google can answer questions like ‘answer to life the universe and everything’ (please remove the quotes before entering), ‘once in a blue moon’, and more.

5 – Zerg Rush: If you have been fanatically engrossed into video games, you may know StarCraft and the Zerg army that gulps everything down. Inspired by these nasty eaters, Google Search will pounce at the search results when you type ‘Zerg Rush’ (again, remove the quotes). We won’t tell you if Google’s fulfilled its appetite – you can see that yourself.


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