WhatsApp May Introduce Dark Mode, ‘Swipe to Reply’ Features Soon

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, may soon introduce Dark Mode and ‘Swipe To Reply’ features to its users.

Dark Mode, which is basically a high-contrast version of the app that makes it more reader-friendly in the dark, is already available on apps like Twitter. The feature will be introduced to both Android and iOS users of WhatsApp.

‘Swipe To Reply’, on the other hand, is already a feature in the iOS version. WhatsApp is currently working on making the feature available for Android users as well.

WhatsApp has been proactively looking to add new features that can help the Facebook-owned platform continue to be one of leading apps in its segment.

WhatsApp has also submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme. This brings the beta version up to 2.18.282. Select users can sign up for the WhatsApp Beta program that will let them access the new features still unavailable to the public.

The Swipe-to-Reply feature is likely to gain prominence, with phones now mostly devoid of the Home button, instead relying on gestures for basic navigation. Why it has been available on iPhone and not on Android yet, only WhatsApp can comment on, but we’re glad that it is finally coming to over 250 million active WhatsApp users in India.

WhatsApp messaging app rolling out to JioPhone users this month.
WhatsApp messaging app rolling out to

It’s not clear yet when these features will be available on the app. Another factor to look out for would be to see if these features will comply with the 18:9 and 19:9 screens of the latest Android models.

WhatsApp has also finally made its debut on Reliance’s JioPhone. The app can be downloaded from the JioStore and used with all its regular features, except payment.


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