Microsoft Windows October 2018 update is reportedly deleting user files from PCs

A user claims that 220GB worth of data, which he collected in 23 years just, vanished from his Windows 10 system after the update.

This same issue was earlier seen in a few preview builds of the operating system under the Windows Insider program.
Microsoft has released the October 2018 update dubbed Redstone 5 for its Windows 10 operating system, which according to some user reports online, has deleted all the user files. They state that post-installation they could not find files inside their folders and found extra free storage space inside their drives.

A user took to the Microsoft support forum stating that 220GB worth of data, which he collected in 23 years just vanished from his system after making the update. Where he was advised, to rollback the PC to its last installation. But, that did not seem to work for him and the files remained missing.

This isn’t the only incident, Windows Central has spotted a growing Reddit thread for the same topic, with most of the users having similar complaints. Users have even said to have combed through all of their PCs hidden files and folders, to bear no fruit.



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