Tesla gets trolled by Lego on Cybertruck’s ‘shatterproof’ incident. Twitter in splits

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Lego, the toy company, trolled Tesla on the Cybertruck’s ‘shatterproof’ incident in a Facebook post

Tesla’s Cybertruck recently became a topic of hilarious jokes on the Internet after the unbreakable window glasses of the electric pick-up shattered. Many dropped rib-tickling memes and posts on social media which cracked people up. Now, toy company Lego has joined in and has dropped a Facebook post taking a dig at Tesla about the ‘shatterproof’ incident.
“The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof,” read the post’s caption. Along with which, the company also shared an artistically captured image of a Lego block.
Since being shared just a day back, the post managed to gather close to 16,000 shared. Additionally, it also collected over 13,000 reactions and more than 2,200 comments.
From appreciating Lego’s post to coming up with witty digs of their own, people dropped all sorts of comments on the post.
“Still looks better than the new Tesla,” wrote a Facebook user. “What’s the age recommendation on this set? Looks like a pretty advanced build,” joked another. “Hahaha, Lego pulling out the sick burn,” commented a third.
What do you think of Lego’s post on Tesla Cubertruck’s ‘shatterproof’ incident?


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